The Challenge

If people make an organization, why is recruitment often a second tier priority for most organizations?

Most HR leaders including myself will say, “no, no, no – our people are our greatest asset and hiring the best talent is one of the most important priorities in our organization.”

Very often in today’s world of efficiency and productivity, the strategic initiatives that are so important to our organizations are under-resourced while we battle the business priorities of the day. We can easily close out a 10-hour day of managing the tactical priorities that are most pressing “right now”, and fail to dedicate the time and planning required for a successful talent acquisition effort.

As an HR leader I have spent many an evening and weekend screening applications and talking with candidates. These working hours were not ideal for me, the candidates, or my organization; this was simply the only time I could allocate to recruitment and talent acquisition.

Relegating search activities to a lower priority often leads to a less rigorous effort, which in turn can lead to a poor hiring decision. And, if you have been in the business long enough, you understand how costly a poor hiring decision can be to your organization and to you.

Another interesting dynamic we deal with today is what to do with the unqualified candidates who apply to an ad or our website(s). An organization’s brand is increasingly valuable in today’s social media world.

  • Do you respond to all applicants?
  • Do you personally contact interviewed candidates to respectfully inform them that they didn’t make the cut?

A Solution


Do you have several open positions or just one really tough position to fill?  Don’t know where to start recruiting because it seems like such a daunting task?  There are so many advantages to hiring a search consultant; these individuals make a profession out of hiring the right person for the job.

Here are a few benefits that come along with hiring a third party recruiter:

  •    A structured approach
  •    Existing & relevant professional networks
  •    Access to candidates
  •    Objective outsider's perspective
  •    Protection from alienating great candidates lacking the experience you seek  
  •    Protection from politically sensitive relationships that may be bruised from the  search & selection process
  •    The resources to respectfully manage all applicants

Want to learn more?  Feel free to reach out to us at or leave a comment on this page.  Thanks for reading!

- Viviana Pyle, Senior Consultant