Keep it Simple Stupid!


The unofficial season of kissing is upon us with Valentine’s Day arriving on February 14th. If you’re thinking about starting a career search, it’s time to take your KISS to the next level. No, I’m not suggesting you take on any untoward strategies to get the job of your dreams. Rather, seal your next job application with the kind of KISS that matters – Keep It Simple Stupid!

The Resume – Size does matter. There are all sorts of opinions about optimal resume length but all that really matters is that you keep it relevant, succinct and to the point. If you’re over 30 and applying for a job, no one really cares about your college work study job. Make sure your resume doesn’t just look like you’re open to any job someone wants to give you. Be sure that it highlights those positions that are most relevant to the job you want to achieve. If the reader has to hunt to find where you’ve worked, what your key job responsibilities have been, or how long you worked at each job, your resume needs some tweaking. Resumes aren’t meant to be puzzles for the reader to piece together, but rather a road map detailing stops along a path.

The Cover Letter – Sure, you want to grab the reader’s attention with a cover letter that stands out. However, be sure it stands out for all the right reasons. Grammatical or typographical errors, at the very least, leave room to question attention to detail or solid command of the English language. Multiple errors make it clear that its writer belongs in the rejection pile. Remember, also, that the cover letter is not a graduate thesis. It is your chance to highlight key attributes and skills that make you a highly qualified candidate for the job.

The Application – I hope you’re sitting down for this because I’m about to share some secrets from the recruitment and selection world that are guaranteed to get you an interview. To be honest, none of this is rocket science and it definitely shouldn’t be kept a secret. Once you figure this out, please share it with everyone you know.

Secret #1: Answer all of the application questions.

Secret #2: If your application answers are not aligned with the job description, save yourself a future rejection by not even bothering to apply. Your application will be screened for how closely your answers match the criteria outlined in the job description. So, if it says you need at least 5 years experience doing underwater basket weaving but your only experience is 6 months of needlepoint, you’re just setting yourself up for rejection by applying. My advice: just keep it moving; there’s nothing to see here!


What candidate screener doesn’t love a good KISS!?