Even if music is not your forte, you probably recognize its importance as a learning tool for young children. I was thrilled to recently read an enlightening article from the Wall Street Journal about the measurable ways in which music education can reduce achievement gaps between poor and rich school districts, improve cognitive abilities and IQ scores, and even act as an early screening tool for reading disabilities.

When I was growing up I wanted to be an elementary school music teacher.  However, as I watched more public school programs being cut (including my own), I realized that I'd probably be better off aspiring to my second career choice, a public transit bus driver.

Most of us would agree it's a shame that music education programs have become so expendable in our public school system. As more studies reveal the benefits of early musical training in areas of behavior, executive function and organizational skills (especially for underserved students) I wonder if school districts will ever start to reverse the unfortunate trend of cutting these programs before all else. I wish that we didn't have to justify the value of music classes by proving that they boost academic performance--isn't it enough that the acquisition of musical skills will enhance the lives of future generations in less measurable but equally important ways?

No matter your opinion on the presence of music education in our schools, I'm sure you will enjoy with this very cute video of a five year old playing Bach. 

AuthorClair Tannenbaum