What an amazing game against Japan!  As I watched the USA Women’s Final World Cup game, I wondered how Jill Ellis (head coach) goes about choosing the right players for the team. There are young players and veterans who bring an unique understanding of the game. Offensive and defensive players who have different skills but can only work together to be a powerhouse. There are natural leaders that get the team pumped when they are down but also competitive players that want all the glory themselves. There are thousands of women that have played soccer their whole lives.  How do you find the right 12 players that will work so effectively as a group that they can score a goal in 2 minutes in the biggest platform for women’s soccer?

How important is it to hire the right person for the job? There are so many questions that each organization needs to consider before making a hiring decision. Once you determine the non-negotiables from the questions below, you can create interview questions.

Here are a few key questions I recommend:

  1. Is skill set more important than culture fit?  

  2. Do you have the right balance of skill sets on the team?  What is needed?

  3. Do you need a leader or follower (or both)?

  4. Is finding the right person more important than meeting a timeline for the hire?

  5. What type of person will be aligned with your organization’s core values?

  6. Is it important to hire someone who has the potential to be promoted?  Do you need a seasoned, experienced employee or someone newer in their career who has potential?

When the all the right players are on the team, it is unbelievable what can be accomplished! Scoring 4 goals in 16 minutes in a World Cup Final can be just the beginning!

AuthorViviana Pyle