What is Redwood Circle?

We are a team of highly skilled human capital professionals with deep experience working with schools and the nonprofits and for-profit companies that support them. We are not a traditional executive search or strategic consulting firm, but rather a group of talent development experts that focus on the needs of innovative education organizations. 

What do we do?

Even the most entrepreneurial nonprofits and public sector organizations struggle to find, hire, and retain high-quality talent. We can help you design a strategic recruitment plan, expedite your hiring process by connecting you with the people and organizations that will lead you to talented applicants, and help ensure that your selection process is identifying the right candidate pool and moving them through the pipeline in an effective and efficient manner. Once you have hired these talented staff members, we will help you design and implement programs to retain them and support their development into the leaders of tomorrow.

Why Redwood Circle?

Growing up in the Bay Area, for me the redwood tree has always been important. One of their key features is that redwoods grow naturally in a circle – a large, mature tree will spread its seedlings around itself in a circular pattern such that when that tree is gone, an almost perfect circle of trees around its borders thrives, continuing that legacy and sprouting their own circles, continuing the pattern throughout time.

At Redwood Circle, we want to support our clients in growing outwards, spreading their knowledge, talents and expertise to others through the sector such that our nation’s children can benefit, making the whole much greater than the sum of its parts. We want to build the connections, structures, and systems necessary to realize on the promise of closing the achievement gap and providing all students with access to the education and life opportunities they deserve.


Christina L Greenberg
Founder and Principal