Talent Strategy

Our team collectively has decades of experience in human capital management and talent development strategy for education organizations.  Whether you seek help in recruitment and selection planning, compensation and benefits analysis, strategies for retaining and supporting employees throughout their life cycle, and/or leadership pipeline and development activities, we are ready to provide expert guidance and support.

To learn more about Redwood Circle's current talent strategy initiative and partnership with EdPlus Consulting, click here.

Sample Projects

Scholar Academies and Koya Leadership
Partners: Charter School Compensation

This fall, Redwood Circle worked with two different charter school networks to research, develop, and create an implementation plan for new teacher, leader, and central office staff compensation programs.  This work began with a deep survey of the current charter and district urban school markets for talent, research into innovative compensation models, and in-depth conversations with internal and external stakeholders to understand current strengths and areas for growth in the organizations’ human capital programs.  Once we had a clear understanding of the landscape and feedback from the clients, our team worked to develop detailed proposals for compensation structures as well as suggested improvements to current practices.

"The team at Redwood Circle are highly focused on a strong client relationship, which is essential in creating the type of interpersonal dynamic that is needed for a successful project. They focused heavily on aligning on key goals and deliverables upfront and then were willing to work in partnership to course correct along the way.  This flexibility gave me and our team the freedom to respond and react to what we learned throughout the project, enabling us to focus clearly on the outcome we were trying to achieve." –Jana Wilcox, Chief Operating Officer, Scholar Academies

“Christina has deep understanding of the K-12 school system landscape. She is able to nimbly customize best in class talent practices to fit the context of schools and school support organizations in a way that keeps the realities of the organizations she is working with top of mind, while at the same time pushing them to push the boundaries of what they thought was possible.” —Allison Wyatt, Vice President, Human Capital Consulting, Koya Leadership Partners

New Leaders and Cross & Joftus: Principal Development and School Leader Pipeline
Programs Design

As a staff member for New Leaders, Christina Greenberg led the design and facilitation of the organization’s first teacher leadership development program, headquartered in New Leaders’ Bay Area office. She also worked with New Leaders on a consulting basis to support their efforts to launch a similar program supporting principals and onsite leadership teams in Baltimore, MD’s most struggling schools. This project included best practices research, the development of training guides, evaluation rubrics, course maps, and detailed checklists and calendars for use by leadership teams as they were planning their next academic year.  The following year, when the national New Leaders team developed their new Principal Institute program, Redwood Circle designed the curriculum sequence and development activities for the first year cohort meetings, including tools creation and dissemination, timelines and guiding agendas for all of the monthly sessions.

Over the past couple of years, Redwood Circle has worked closely with Cross and Joftus’ Human Capital Practice in a number of school districts to support their central office and school leader recruitment, selection, hiring, pipeline program development, and retention strategy work. Our engagements have included the facilitation of large group working sessions and high-level meetings with senior staff, the development of strategic plans and tools specific to principal recruitment, selection and leadership pipeline training practices, and implementation of executive searches to recruit and select the best possible district leaders.

“I refer people to Redwood Circle Consulting and Christina all the time because I know that she listens carefully to clients and then takes a targeted and strategic approach to solving the problem or finding the right candidate. She's an excellent partner for both districts and non-profits.” —Michael Moore, Increase Consulting, LLC, Leadership Development, Former CAO, New Leaders and Senior Associate, Cross and Joftus

“Our team hired Christina to help us set the strategy and complete the early design of a partnership we built with a large urban school district to train leadership teams for turnaround schools. Christina was a critical asset to our work because of her deep knowledge of school leadership, her excellent project management skills and her ability to deliver high quality work at a fast pace.” —Jennifer Henry, Chief Academic Officer, New Leaders